The Future of Beauty Education

We envision a world where beauty professionals can gain access to seamless, engaging, and affordable education, online, that empowers them to achieve more in life!

We believe an online platform (for beauty career development) can help professionals grow beyond the art of beauty, achieve mastery, and learn new ways to accelerate in their careers.

What We Value

We encourage discovery and curiosity about the broader aspects of beauty.


We believe innovative education can help people break free from debt, gain freedom in their lives and avoid the constraints of traditional beauty education.


We help professionals grow beyond the art of beauty, enter new stages of expertise, and celebrate their mastery!

Our Mission

Our goal is to craft transformative and engaging beauty education experiences online for beauty professionals globally.

Angela Ivana Founder & Beauty Professional

Angela graduated shortly after that 2008 market crash but had amassed over $50K in education debt. With her only employment experience being in financial services, she found herself unemployed and struggling.  Using her entrepreneurship training from high school, she created her a mobile makeup service business in Boston. Later, she became a regional education manager for a major beauty brand. She then moved to New York where she would continue building her makeup career. Focusing on commercial and advertising makeup work, Angela was commanding over $1,200/day! Then 2 years later, she lost it all after dealing with workplace abuse from a former makeup agent. Hopeful, she invested thousands of dollars on classes, seminars, and events hoping to learn new information that would teach her how to gain mastery and succeed in beauty again. However, technology was changing things and what she was learning was outdated. So, she struggled to regain her footing. Eventually, Angela rebuilt her career and worked with names like Amazon, The Rockette’s, Ralph Lauren, O-Magazine and more!

Looking back, she realized that lack of access to quality information contributed to her struggles. During her travels as an education manager Angela talked to other makeup professionals in different states. She learned they had similar stories of education debt, lack of direction and unfulfillment. They were also searching for career freedom, economic empowerment, and mastery in makeup. Angela realized that most makeup artists were entrepreneurs who also deal with science and hygiene daily when working with clients. However, no one offered training in these areas. Society constanly told makeup artists to enter hair and skin care school instead of meeting the makeup industries needs. Angela set out to change that! Angela says, “I crafted CosmoSafe so other makeup artists wouldn’t have to struggle like I did! CosmoSafe provides makeup artists with the missing links in content that no one else is teaching!”

Jaleesa Jaikaran Co-Founder & Beauty Expert

Jaleesa has worked under world renowned celebrity makeup artists. As a global artist, she’s worked on shows for top fashion designers in both Paris and New York Fashion Weeks. She used this training and is now excelling in her career as a beauty influencer and makeup artist. She focuses on the areas of fashion and advertising. However, her path wasn’t always so peachy! Jaleesa is a former a retail makeup artist who experienced great frustration behind the counter. Working at the counter, she felt unsatisfied with her career. One day, Jaleesa took a drastic leap of faith. She decided to leave Trinidad, move to New York, and advance her life. Trying to survive in New York City wouldn’t be easy. Determined and hopeful, Jaleesa challenged herself and excelled in her retail makeup career when she arrived in New York. Still, she felt something was missing in her career. In Trinidad, Jaleesa found fulfillment from inspiring others to gain self-confidence through beauty tutorials. She had already begun building an audience, educating, and inspiring her peers in the beauty industry. She knew she was gifted at connecting with others through beauty education. However, she struggled to gain real career independence. She too took a business track in high school. As a business savvy individual, she knew she needed more knowledge to grow beyond her artistry and make an impact on the beauty world. Determined to achieve more, Jaleesa searched for career development training. Angela and Jaleesa would later meet at a workshop where they learned how to create makeup portfolios, find, and book better clients. While they gained a wealth of knowledge that helped them succeed, they knew something was still missing from the makeup industry. After connecting over their stories, they realized that lack of access to education was a common theme. It hit them that beauty education was in need of a serious makeover! So, they joined forces to bring you CosmoSafe.