New York, NY 11101, USA

Our Vision

We envision a world where beauty professionals can gain access to seamless, engaging, and affordable education, online, that empowers them to achieve more in life!

We believe an online platform (for beauty career development) can help professionals grow beyond the art of beauty, achieve mastery, and learn new ways to accelerate in their careers.

About Us

CosmoSafe is an online platform for digital learning experiences designed to help up-skill beauty professionals. CosmoSafe delivers modern beauty career development content and courses often overlooked in the traditional beauty education market.

Like college graduates during the 2008​ market crash, beauty school graduates are struggling with high educational debt, low wage jobs, and a growing gig-based economy. Careers in beauty have grown by 39% over the last decade, but beauty education has not grown with the times.

With a modern approach to beauty education, CosmoSafe seeks to close this gap to help beauty professionals master their careers beyond the art, avoid staying stuck in debt, and better navigate our growing gig-based economy.

Our first program is a beauty-preneurship course for all beauty professionals and a comprehensive training course for makeup professionals.

Our online beauty master classes and certification will cover color theory, cosmetic sciences, hygiene, and beauty entrepreneurship. We’ll offer additional course work for all beauty professionals soon!

Our Mission

By the end of 2020, we’re on a mission to up-skill 20K beauty professionals to help them gain economic empowerment and grow  “beyond the art” of their profession. We focus on modern career & business skills they need to succeed.

Our goal is to craft transformative and engaging digital beauty education experiences for beauty professionals globally.

We craft modern, industry relevant, and affordable learning experiences online to help beauty professionals better navigate today’s gig-based economy.

We crafted CosmoSafe so other beauy professionals wouldn’t have to struggle with missing information like we did! We provide them with the missing links in science and business based beauty content that no one else is teaching!

Beauty pros are entrepreneurs who also deal with science and hygiene daily when working with clients. We want to empower them and help them succeed with modern education tools and resources!

Angela Ivana

CEO & Founder

I believe that CosmoSafe can help create a robust community of beauty professionals who will be educated on how to achieve more in life!

Jaleesa Jaikaran

Chief Connection Officer

Makeup artists and beauty workers are professionals! I want to create innovative programs that can help them master their beauty careers so they can achieve economic empowerment!

Adrienne Blanks

Chief Learning Officer

What We Value

We encourage discovery and curiosity about the broader aspects of beauty.


We believe innovative education can help people break free from debt, gain freedom in their lives and avoid the constraints of traditional beauty education.


We help professionals grow beyond the art of beauty, enter new stages of expertise, and celebrate their mastery!