About Cosmosafe
impacting the
future of work
and education
in beauty!

The beauty industry is growing rapidly and there's a huge demand for beauty professionals.

How is education transforming to help beauty professionals build brighter futures?

We envision a world where beauty professionals, globally, can get online and gain access to seamless, engaging, and affordable education that empowers them to achieve more in life!  

We believe an online platform for beauty career development can help professionals grow beyond the art and salon readiness skills, achieve mastery, and learn new ways to accelerate in their beauty careers.

We’re challenging dated and traditional models of beauty training to ensure we can tackle wealth gaps, skills gaps, and diversity & inclusion issues in the beauty education market.

Our Philosophy


We help beauty professionals discover and develop curiosity about the broader aspects of beauty.


We help professionals grow beyond the art of beauty, enter new stages of expertise, and celebrate their mastery!


We believe innovative education can help people break free from the limitations of traditional training.


We’re inspiring beauty pros to become beauty experts, influencers, industry thought leaders, and entrepreneurs!

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