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Beauty x Nudest

CosmoSafe’s CEO, Angela Ivana interviews Atima Lui (of Nudest.Co) about how she paired “nudest” with a unique journey in beauty. They also chat about beauty technology and self care as beauty-preneurs!

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  1. Taylor Irons says:

    I love how she turned of all color of skin tones into a technology not only did she create a device to do so but a software for marketing and giving education to women on this . I loved how she had a co worker space of showers and diverse of everyone’s needs such as culture “waves” color and care to feel beautiful. I’m in the cosmetology field and I think it’s important to have a team and to work and build each other up . I’m so glad I got to hear this amazing episode really inspired me for what she has done for beauty.
    Also my website name is my Instagram name .


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