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Beauty Business Training Solutions

Enjoy the best
training for the future of work  in beauty!

We know the challenges beauty businesses face regarding high turnover rates with beauty professionals. So, CosmoSafe is here to help!

We cater to salons, spas, beauty gig-apps,
beauty brands, boutique beauty businesses,
and salon suites!

We offer unified employee training solutions, online, at affordable rates. You can up-skill all the beauty pros you on-board, no matter their location, and increase your retention rates today!

We’ve designed some of the most innovative and modern content that will help these contract professionals better navigate the gig-economy to  master success in beauty!

We can also custom curate content to fit your organization’s needs!

If beauty service providers (contractors, freelancers and independent workers) are central to your business model, we can help you better understand the missing links for their success today! 


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