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Are you ready to transform your beauty career?


Beauty-preneurship Master Class

Are you struggling to find the “lucrative job” you were promised in beauty? Did you take a ton of artistic training, but now you realize it doesn’t fully help you pay the bills? If you want to build a higher income in beauty, this program is for you!

Start TODAY and master business skills that help you stay in-demand as a beauty professional! CosmoSafe’s on-demand training is accessible online 24/7!

Our beauty education program gives you access to:

~180 minutes of premium beauty business content, that’s beauty expert curated! Celebrity, film, tv, spa, and salon professionals have united to bring you this content!

12 months of access to engaging, innovative, and advanced beauty business content they don’t teach you in beauty schools or in artistry classes.

6 lessons of custom beauty business content that outlines all the ways you can maximize your earning potential in beauty! Lessons will teach you beauty industry backed, insider information, on entrepreneurship & beauty!

All the Ways You Can You Make Money!

Did you know some people earn $1,200/day doing certain styles of beauty work as barbers, manicurists, hair stylists, or makeup professionals? Chances are, no one has taught you all the different ways you can really earn money in beauty! Let CosmoSafe teach you!

What Will You Create In Beauty?

 There are so many amazing business concepts in the beauty industry. Explore a variety of modern options with CosmoSafe so you can create your own or improve your existing one! 

Making Beauty Business Planning Easier!

Creating a beauty business plan can be hard work. So, why do it the old way? Learn a modern & simple approach with CosmoSafe!

How To Avoid Losing Money in Beauty!

 Beauty professionals new and experienced struggle with skills that enable them to increase and maximize profits. Let CosmoSafe teach you what the experts have mastered! 

Master Your Numbers Game!

 Are you really charging your worth? Master the numbers game and increase your earning potential with this content. 

Take Action & Win in Beauty!

 If all you want to do is win in beauty, CosmoSafe has some action steps for you to get ahead!

These 6 Beauty-preneurship Lessons help you:

– Increase your knowledge about ways to make money in beauty as freelance, mobile, salon, or salon suite professional!

Understand how people are building high growth beauty brand startups and beauty tech companies.

– Explore new income & business possibilities in beauty while also learning how to master increasing your current profits. 

Enhance your beauty business management skills and MORE!

Beauty-preneurship Class F.A.Q.

What will I learn in the Beauty-preneurship course?

There are six lessons designed to help give you detailed insider knowledge on beauty career opportunities that beauty service professionals can benefit from.

Lesson 1: We review all the exciting styles of beauty income earning opportunities.
Lesson 2: We help you understand the endless opportunities you have to create a rewarding beauty business of your own.
Lesson 3: We provide you with modern beauty business planning skills.
Lesson 4: We help you develop stronger business management skills.
Lesson 5: We give you financial building blocks (in a fun way) for your beauty business success.
Lesson 6: We provide you actionable ways to implement everything from business planning to marketing concepts. 

Who is the CosmoSafe Beauty-preneurship Class for?

Different types of beauty service providers can benefit from this beauty business course!
• Hair stylists
• Barbers
• Estheticians
• Makeup Artists
• Nail Technicians
• Brow & Lash Technicians… and MORE!

How do you help me make money? Does this help me get a job?

Did you know that normal “jobs” in beauty are rare? Less than 15% of beauty professionals are full-time salaried or hourly employees. That means most beauty professionals are independent workers and business owners that need access to modern business skills.

As a beauty professional, you must be serious about mastering business skills, building your own clientele, and creating your own job opportunities in beauty. This online course can help you on your journey.

We help by teaching you untraditional beauty industry knowledge and beauty business skills that you can use to succeed. We offer professional development content for beauty service providers. We believe this content can help beauty professionals increase their earning potential if they utilize the information learned. 

NOTE: The CosmoSafe Beauty-preneurship Master Class offers a “Certificate of Completion.” This is not a diploma, personnel certification, nor is it a licensing credential associated with any state. 

Who's teaching this online class and when can I access it?

This course is accessible online 24/7. Take it at your own pace!

We have a general beauty instructor (who’s also a beauty model and actress that you may recognize from Ad Campaigns or even a few Netflix shows). She delivers custom CosmoSafe content that was curated and peer-reviewed by 11+ beauty industry experts who work in California, Massachusetts, New York, Kansas, Washington, and other states!

This makes our content similar to a text book that’s been fact checked as opposed to an opinion based, “fly by night,” internet course.

The experts have direct experiences and knowledge in areas ranging from:
– Celebrity Beauty Work
– Editorial Hair & Makeup
– Beauty Business Coaching
– Salon and spa consulting
– Special FX & Body Painting
– Film, Theater & Television Beauty
– Retail Beauty Sales & Training
– Beauty agency ownership and many MORE areas of the beauty industry!

Do you have a "Money Back Guarantee"& what's your refund policy?

Any beauty professional who takes our “beauty-preneurship” course will learn tons of new and interesting material. We bet you’ve probably never taken a beauty-based business course (this detailed) about income-earning opportunities!

Our Guarantee: If you don’t learn anything new because you have already paid for a beauty business class that teaches all of the same content taught in the CosmoSafe Beauty-preneurship Master Class, you’ll get your money back! *Terms & Conditions Apply. 

Refund Guarantee Terms & Conditions: In order to obtain a refund, and exercise this guarantee policy, you must first successfully complete the entire CosmoSafe “Beauty-preneurship” online course. Then you’ll have to prove that you’ve paid for and completed another course (that existed prior to ours) which delivered all of the same content and material.

We will not honor any refund requests that fall outside of this guarantee policy.

Once you purchase this class, you will gain access to our platform for 12 months.

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