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We’ve designed the most innovative and modern beauty-preneurship content to help give your beauty students an unfair advantage!  

You’re great at teaching cosmetology students salon readiness skills. BUT ARE THEY READY FOR THE FUTURE OF WORK IN BEAUTY?

Beauty service professionals often struggle to navigate today’s gig-economy as freelancers, independent workers or contractors. New concept beauty business models are rising and students need to be prepared for their futures!

With CosmoSafe, students learn more about modern career options and current income earning opportunities in beauty at a fraction of the cost! Stay ahead of the curve and ensure your student and graduate success rates improve! Salon management training just isn’t enough.

Choose the CosmoSafe Beauty-preneurship Online Curriculum as a supplemental business learning solution!

When current, past, and future students do well, then beauty schools will continue to thrive too!

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