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Our Team & Education Contributors

Having expert sourced content matters in your beauty education journey. All of our content is curated and peer reviewed by a team of successful beauty industry experts. We’ll never offer course content created by one person (with opinion based material) because we believe you deserve more! 

Our current collaborators and educators are listed below.

Brianna Cohen

Lead Beauty Trainer

Our trainer guides you through video content that was curated and peer reviewed by our expert contributors. Brianna has been featured in Origins & Carol’s Daughter Beauty Ads and has acted in Netflix & Hulu TV Shows!

Angela Ivana (NY/MA)

CEO & Beauty Expert

With a degree in Philosophy (Law & Ethics) from NEU, Angela also has experience in finance, entrepreneurship, Beauty Retail Regional Education Management, and is a freelance beauty pro in NY.

Adrienne Blanks (NY)

Chief Learning Officer

Adrienne is a NY licensed nail tech. Also an NYU graduate, she earned her Masters Degree in Business & Workplace Education. She is also the beauty founder behind D.I.D Nail Paints.

Jaleesa Jaikaran (NY)

Chief Connectivity Officer

Jaleesa manages CosmoSafe communications & relationships. She’s also a beauty influencer, podcast host, & professional makeup artist specializing in editorial beauty.

Mae Monroe (KS)

Beauty Business Owner

Mae is an expert at skin care, makeup artistry, and healing energy. She’s both a licensed skin care expert and certified reiki professional in Kansas City. This six-figure beauty boss means business!

Crystal Wright (TX)

Beauty Career Coach & Author

 Crystal Wright has helped beauty professionals grow their careers for over 25 years! She helps beauty professionals get “Unstuck,” and master marketing their services for work in film,TV, and print.www.CrystalWrightLive

Rachel Estabrook (NY)

Body Painter & Pro MUA

Rachel’s beauty experience ranges from theater to film, television, commercials, and more! As a professional artist, she has a passion for creating and designing brilliant masterpieces and works of art for the body.

Monifa Mortis (NY)

MUA & CEO of GlamKitti

Celebrity Makeup Artist, Monifa Mortis knows a lot about beauty and business! She is also the founder of GlamKitti, the ultimate mini face kit for makeup touchups.

Kyle Harder (PA)

The Harder Group 

A skilled beauty pro herself, Kyle saw and opportunity to change how beauty agencies treat their artists. She started her own, unique and diverse, beauty agency which caters to the NYC, NJ, PA, and DC markets.

Krystal Goden (CA)

Luxury Salon & Spa Consultant

Krystal has managed some of top luxury salons & spas around major markets like Boston Proper, NYC, Hollywood, and Fiji to name a few. She now consults for a variety of beauty businesses.

Dena Olivieri (NY/NJ)

Makeup & FX Beauty Pro

With credits like makeup designer for theater shows and Film/TV Makeup Department Head under her belt, Dena is a rising star in beauty! As a makeup artist with highly sought after FX skills, she’s also an IATSE 798 Member.

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